Private investigators

To ensure an efficient, resourceful and optimal process, the Detective Agency Beyer works with a specialized and professional team of male and female investigators.


Our work is a structure of morally principles, traditional detective work and the use of special and high-quality technology.


The research is a rudimentary element of a private investigator’s work. In many cases it provides a basis for subsequently successful observation or conscientiously constructed legend.


Usually, the observation is a necessary and purposeful method to objectively document offenses in private or economic cases.

Detective Agency Beyer

The profession of a private investigator changes with the significant modifications in our society and the development of technology. In the World Wide Web, the structures of communication are expanding while the direct way of interaction is becoming looser and freer. The family structures are disbanding and the ethics in our society changes – a new task for every private detective and a detective agency.

Our live, which is intelligent and dynamic, expects flexibility and variation, at the same time it needs a person who knows the social structures and weaknesses.

The Detective Agency Beyer works with specialized male and female investigators. We do investigations and surveillance in Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden as well as in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

If you are interested in our services, the Detective Agency Beyer invites you to call us for an initial discrete conversation.

Our Services

We investigate …

It is not always possible to solve a problem without professional help. The Detective Agency Beyer helps private clients, who are confronted with the following problems.

  • suspicion of unfaithfullness and misconduct in partnership
  • alimony issues
  • custody and right of access
  • finding persons and address-research
  • robbery, fraud detection and embezzlement
  • stalking and reenactment
  • coercion, threat and blackmail
  • inheritance and estate issues
  • and others

The Detective Agency Beyer offers experience, flexibility and competence for a full investigation of economic crimes.

  • generally employee monitoring
  • financial fraud or employees in sick leave
  • surveillance of sailes force and fraud of expense report
  • illegal employment
  • fraud of health insurance, banks and insurance companies
  • anticompetitive violation
  • trademark counterfeiting and Product Piracy
  • infiltrating
  • corruption
  • robbery, embezzlement in companies
  • and others

Often, a solution needs professional help. The Detective Agency Beyer offers special solutions in special private, economic and business cases.

  • forensic
  • cybercrime
  • analysis
  • and others

Private Investigator Thomas Beyer

Communication is the beginning of each investigation and observation. For a large number of his clients, communication is the first step in the right direction.

Thomas Beyer particularly offers experiences in criminalistics and a special education in covert investigations, observations and researches. His clients can expect a specifically and reliable analysis as well as a critical and direct analysis of their problem.


Behavior in court and authorities

For most people, a statement in court and authority represents an unusual situation. Excitement and an adverse preparation in the process can cause a negative position and effect possibly other problems.

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Internet fraud

On the one hand, the sale of consumer goods in various Internet portals is a relief for the consumers. On the other hand, it is a hidden a danger.

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Risk management

To avoid or to reduce danger as well as financial damage in the company, business directors use the preventive measures for analyzing and assessing risk according to common safety standards.

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Branch Chemnitz, Germany

Detective Agency Beyer Chemnitz
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09130 Chemnitz

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Branch Zwickau, Germany

Detective Agency Beyer Zwickau
Schumannplatz 8
08056 Zwickau

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Branch Leipzig, Germany

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Branch Salzlandkreis, Germany

Detective Agency Beyer - Branch Salzlandkreis
Schloßstraße 9
06406 Bernburg

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Branch Dresden, Germany

Detective Agency Beyer - Branch Dresden
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