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Custody and right of access

Sometimes there is an undefined disquieting feeling when the other parent visits the common child and takes it with him/her.
The child’s delivery to the former partner is a burden for the main caregiver, if the communication between the adults no longer works and if there is a suspicion of a child endangerment.

Then, the child often has a tense mood – sleeps bad and restless at night. For many parents is the behavior of their child a clear indication that the child does not feel comfortable with the other parent.

In the worst case, the main caregivers nothing knows about the whereabouts and the care of the child. Only with own imagination and a conversation with the child it is possible to find out what happened at the other place.

If there is a reasonable suspicion of a non-child proper care or a child endangerment, the main caregiver is allowed to hire detective services. Here, in objective distance it is possible to find out how the parent deals with the child.

The Detective Agency Beyer helps in cases of custody and right of access.

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