The Vole


‚Hallo?‘ The anonymous caller was quiet for several seconds. Nor had the detective any desire to talk either. This was not an unusual occurrence. It happened frequently that callers tried to hide their identities with a suppressed caller ID.

‚Is this the detective agency?‘

‚Well, I’d say since you called the number of an detective agency, I’d say you have it pretty good going in that department…‘

‚Sorry for suppressing my number, but you’ve no idea who you could trust in this day and age.‘ came a heated whisper from the other end of the phone.

The detectives‘ eyebrows rose nearly into his hairline, sadly the caller couldn’t see.

Again another persecutor… the detective sighed.

‚In my company…‘

The detective  sat upright and grabbed the nearest pen and paper.

‚… the most peculiar things are happening in my company. I would appreciate it if we could meet somewhere discreet. I want to talk to you in person. This is all just too odd.‘

‚Of course that’s no problem at all. Still, could I ask how my agency could help you with your problem? What should we do? Please, don’t get me wrong, most people just call and expect us to jump up and solve their problems like the guys on TV. Sadly real life is nothing like you favourite crime show.‘ answered the detective with a calm and firm voice.

‚Oh I do understand, believe me. I myself own a company as well. I am calling you, because I know you can help me. I like that I can talk to you directly and not some snotty secretary who sits bored on her desk at the other end of Germany. No, I want one who is local, born and raised and you sound it.‘ The voice on the other side of the phone gained again more strength with every word uttered.

After this, the detective offered to meet his caller.


Two Days Later.


Tucked away in a cafe the detective finally met with the company owner As soon as they shook hands both knew there was no doubt that the detective was the right man for the job.

‚I am glad you could meet up so quickly.‘ said the entrepreneur. ‚It’s hard to trust people in such situations and being able to talk to them about it all. The only reason I agreed to meet you was that you told me that there is always a chance of misinterpretation. You didn’t just wanted to make a quick buck, by telling me what I wanted to hear. No, you told me I could be wrong and this, this won me over.‘

‚There’s no use in trying to sell the client just anything just to make something out of it. Clients always call when there’s a problem. I am able to solve most of them over the phone. Sometimes all people need is someone to listen and to give some advise or a slight push in the right direction. Most of the time, it would not be wise to even start an investigation or observation in the first place. I am able to choose the interesting cases, the “tough nut” ones who at first glance seem unsolvable. Still nothing is impossible.‘ replied the detective, visibly satisfied with himself.

They talked for over three hours.

The entrepreneur now shared her story with the detective. He asked her to share every little detail, as details were the factor that would make or break the case.

Finishing her story the entrepreneur said: ‚I just don’t understand it all, I’m working 24/7, trying to keep up and develop wonderful new ideas and concepts and just a couple of days later I see the same idea developed and presented by a competing business. This just keeps happening over and over again.‘ The woman was beside herself.

‚Well this were actually quite a lot of information. I suggest I’m going to sleep on it and you are going to keep writing down everything that alerts you. Including things that might come to you later tonight.‘ with a decisive nod, the detective closed his leather-bound notepad and placed his copper-coloured and tattered fountain pen next to it.

It was midnight and the detective was still awake lying in his bed. Sleep had eluded him tonight. The situation reminded him of a rubix’s cube none of the colours seemed to be able to match up.

Two hours later the detective was asleep. The dice are cast. The colours match.

The nest afternoon he met the entrepreneur again and she handed him a stack of notes.

‚I’ll solve your case.‘ he said.


Nine Weeks Later.


‚People tried to spy on you. Those two who did have been working for your competitor before.‘ said the detective while he leaved through his dossier without looking up from his task.

‚… let me say it like this, these are highly strung characters. Thankfully those problems are their weak point and this makes them vulnerable. Let me explain our strategy; first we…‘


Courtroom, One Year Later.


The entrepreneur sits next to her lawyer and looks calm and composed. Opposed to them were her ex- boyfriend Mr. X and a soon to be ex-employee of her company.

‚Ok, let us go back to the beginning. How did Mr. X and your client meet?‘ asked the judge.

‚Let me explain how they met and how she she fell for his scheme.‘ said the detective.